Building the Temple

Many believe that the third temple will be built in Jerusalem before the Messiah appears at the end of this age.  A group of Jews has prepared plans and already has a 4.5 tonne marble cornerstone to place on the Temple Mount when the opportunity arises.  They believe this will occur in their lifetime and have on occasions paraded their cornerstone around Jerusalem on a flatbed truck.  This has created a great deal of tension between Muslims and Jews because the site on which they intend to build their temple is where the Dome of the Rock, the famous Muslim Mosque is situated. 

This raises a number of questions:

Will a ‘third’ temple be built? 

Will their cornerstone be laid on the Temple Mount? 

Is this cornerstone the one the prohets predicted?  

Who will lay the foundation of the temple?  

What do the prohecies reveal?  

How do they align with Christ's teaching about the temple?

Find out more by reading the following articles:

Chief Cornerstone Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem as prophesied to be pronounced king and he brought salvation to the world as promised.  He is returning at the end of this age to rule this world and redeem mankind under a new and better covenant.  What has become of the old covenant?  Who will be his bride?  

Laying the Foundation Discover what is revealed in the visions, prophecies and pronouncements of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.  What has the laying of the foundation of an ancient building to do with your future? [This study paper is over 45 pages long].

Building on the Foundation Many believe that the third temple will be built in Jerusalem before the Messiah appears at the end of this age.  During his famous 'Sermon on the Mount' Jesus Christ indicated what the new temple will be like.  It may not be what many expect.  Find out how it will affect you!

Fellow Workers With God   Being fellow workers with God implies working with Him to achieve a specific outcome. That outcome is a temple that will never be destroyed.

Fitly Framed Together   God is an architect who knows exactly what materials are required and the processes necessary to prepare us to be fitly framed together in the temple he is building.  


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Lost Ten Tribes

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Have You Considered

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Points to Ponder

When we take of the wine and bread in rembrance of Christ's sacrifice are we observing Passover, or the Lord's Supper?  Is there a diference between the two?  If so - what is that diference?

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