Offending and Forgiving

I think it is probably rare for those with the Holy Spirit to deliberately cause offence.
To take offence is a choice.
To forgive is also a choice.


Why do we cause offence?

        Why do we take offence?

It is painful – we all know that. We all offend and take offence.  We all spend hours having those awful conversations in our head going round and round, justifying our position and rehearsing all the things we would like to say to the other party.

        If offended, what should we do

        If we have given offence, what can we do

        Swearing to one’s own hurt:

         The end of a relationship

        Doctrinal differences

We are all striving for the same goal.  We cannot afford to front up before God (a) in prayer, (b)  before Passover, or (c) at the resurrection with ill-will towards another member of the Body.  Even if the other parties do not respond, it is imperative that we as individuals are right before God and are prepared to lay down our very lives for even those who may be our enemies. 

To take offence is a choice.
To forgive is a choice.
Choose life!



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