God's Purpose and Plan

Have you ever wondered if there is a God? If He has a purpose and plan?  And just how that affects you?

We have posted a number of article on this subject which will tell you about God's purpose, His plan and just how it affects you! 

In the Image of God  God’s law is more than a set of rules.  It foreshadows good things to come.  Things we cannot even begin to imagine!

God's Will  Many Christians recite the Lord’s Prayer.  They ask that God’s, “…will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”.  But do they understand what they are asking for?  Do they really know God’s will and how it impacts on their lives?  A lot of people are confused about God’s will.  It is a complete mystery to many.  There should be no confusion!  It is not a mystery! God has made His will known!  The accomplishment of His will is something to get excited about!

The Will of God  God has given us the means to accomplish His will, but we need to do our part!

Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour  a series of articles on the role of Jesus Christ in the plan and purpose of God. 

Filling All in All  What did Paul mean when he referred to Christ as ‘him who fills all in all’?   Who is to be filled with what?   And how is it to be done?

The Kingdom  Jesus often spoke in parables about a Kingdom.  Was he referring to a real Kingdom, or were these merely stories to keep his audience amused?   

The Plan  Who can tell us why are we here?  What is the purpose of life?  Why is that purpose a mystery and where do we look for the answers that elude so many?     

The Apple of His Eye  Do you understand just how much our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, truly love us – and to show that we must build that understanding into the foundations of our Christian walk.  

Your Inheritance  Would you believe me if I said that there is an inheritance waiting for you?  One that surpasses anything you can imagine.  Who died that you might receive this inheritance? 


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