Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour

From Jericho to Pentecost   From the Bible we trace Christ's journey from Jericho to Jerusalem where he spent his final days and examine the events that occurred during those days and the seven weeks that followed up until the Day of Pentecost.   What God accomplished during that time impacts greatly on all humanity.  This is a 'must read' prior to celebrating the Lord's Supper.  ( 3 February 2013)

Messenger of the Covenant  He came to them with a message.  They refused to listen and killed the messenger!  The enormity of what they had done was not realised until much later when their city was put under siege and destroyed.  According to one eye witness around 1,100,000 people died in the slaughter.

Who Spoke  We know that God the Father spoke in New Testament times to confirm Christ’s authority.  But was He also the one who spoke in Old Testament times? 

The Sacrifice   While on earth was Christ's sacrifice merely giving up His physical life albeit in a cruel and torturous way? Were His earnest tears and prayers solely for courage to bear a terrible physical death?  What was the Father’s role?  What was the price Christ – and His Father - paid so that we could attain eternal life?

Bride of Christ  Who is the Bride of Christ? Is it the New Testament Church?  Israel Restored?  Or those redeemed from all ages of this earth?    

Marred More Than Any Man  An appropriate subject for Passover.  The astonishment Christ's followers experienced when they saw his marred visage and body at the time he was crucified is only a shadow of the astonishment the world will experience when the truth of Isaiah’s prophecy is revealed in its fullness.  

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