Tents of Shem

Prophecy fulfilled.  In the crisis of a staggering economy the world order is about to change!  Slowly but surely an ancient prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

Over four thousand, three hundred years ago Noah prophesied that the descendants ofJapheth would dwell in the tents of  Shem.  From what is shaping up to be an unprecedented global-wide economic meltdown a trend is emerging that will fulfil Noah’s prediction.

In a recent news article from the Washington Post entitled “China tightens grip on US economy” writers Anthony Faiola and Zachary A Goldfarb said that China has passed Japan to become the US government’s largest foreign debtor, “reflecting the dramatic expansion of Beijing’s influence over the American economy”.  They said that, “Washington will be increasingly forced to rely on Beijing as it seeks to raise funds to cover the cost of the US$700 billion bailout”.  Their article also quoted Eswar Prasad, an economics professor at Cornell and senior fellow at the Brooklyn Institution in Washington as saying, “This is a sign of the growing interdependence between the Chinese and US economies, but also a sign of a relationship that is not healthy in the long term” .

According to the Book of Genesis a great flood wiped out the entire human population of the earth with the exception of eight people.  God spared Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives.  From this one surviving family the existing population on Earth today has descended.  Today’s multiracial population has three main groupings.   It is believed that the white races descended from Noah's son Shem, the black races from his son Ham, and the Asian races from Japheth, the third son.

Noah said, “Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.  God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” (Genesis 9:26-27)

Shem was to be blessed, Canaan (Ham’s son) cursed and Japheth ‘enlarged’.  Throughout most of our history the  white races have held the balance of power.  Comparably the black nations have suffered throughout history.  They have been plundered by those who had the upper hand, culminating in the shameful suffering they endured during more recent centuries of slave trading.  In the meantime the Asian population has become ‘enlarged’ to the extent they now comprise a significant part of the world’s population.

Through increasing emigration the Chinese have established themselves comfortably into many western countries in significant numbers.  And over the last few decades there has been massive industrial development in China that is giving it a greater presence on the world trade scene.  These trends coupled with China’s growing influence on western economies through the current economic crisis should be ringing loud warning bells for those who have an ear to hear. 

Slowly but surely, as Noah predicted, Japheth has been taking up residence in the tents of Shem!


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