Promises and Prophets

Promises were made to the ancient Israelites.  Where those promises fulfilled?  A number of prophets including Ezeikiel and Jeremiah prohesied about the future of the people of Israel and Judah.  Were those prophesies fulfilled?   There has been a great deal of speculation about the lost ten tribes of Israel?  Can we identify them today?  Do we need to identify them?  Are the promises and prophesies about Israel relevent for us today?  

If you want answers to these questions read the following articles:

Children of the Promises  Did God fulfil His promises to ancient Israel? Where are the tribes of Israel and what is their relevance (if any) to prophecy today?  What is the true meaning of the 'Ezekiel warning' and what was 'Jeremiah's commission'?  Who, and what, is to be restored? Who are the Children of the Promises?  You may be surprised by the answers to these questions!  [This study paper is over 86 pages long].

Ezekiel's Message  Was Ezekiel's message a warning for the House of Israel in his time, or is it an end-time message for the descendants of ancient Israel?  What does your Bible say? 

Jeremiah Prophet for Today  Over two and a half thousand years ago Jeremiah prophesied that Babylon would fall and it became a deserted wilderness.  But the book of Revelation says that Babylon will fall at the end of this age.  So who, or what, is this latter day Babylon?  And how will its fall affect you?   


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Lost Ten Tribes

Is the identity of the lost ten tribes of Israel relevant?  See our article Children of the Promises 

Do you know

the difference between the law and a covenant?  Or the difference between commandments, statutes and judgments?  If not make sure you read see our Bible Study on God's Law   

Have You Considered

Jesus Christ said that no one has seen or heard his Father.  So who spoke to Abraham, Moses, Isaac and Jacob?  To find out make sure you read our article - Who Spoke.

Do you know who the two witnesses will be?   See our article -  The Two Witnesses.

Will you be part of the bride of Christ? - See our article - Bride of Christ.

Points to Ponder

When we take of the wine and bread in rembrance of Christ's sacrifice are we observing Passover, or the Lord's Supper?  Is there a diference between the two?  If so - what is that diference?

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