Jacob the son of Isaac and Rebekah was born clutching the heel of his older twin brother Esau.   Esau was the first born, yet Jacob inherited the blessings God bestowed on His chosen people and Jacob became the father of Israel. The rivalry between Jacob and Esau was legendary and Jacob had many adversaries.  The term 'Jacob's Trouble' used in a prophecy by Jeremiah thousands of years ago, is beleived to refer to a significant end-time event.  This raises some questions:

Who are Jacob's adversaries?

What event does Jaocob's trouble refer to?

How does this affect you?

If you want to find out you will need to read the following set of articles: 

Jacob's Adversaries You may be surprised to learn that an ancient curse and an equally ancient rivalry have provided the basis for many prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled.  Who are Jacob's adversaries?  How will the curse and these prophecies impact on your life?

Jacob's Trouble  The term 'Jacob's Trouble occurs only once in the entire Bible.  It was used in a prophecy by Jeremiah thousands of years ago.  It is a term that is often used out of context and has confused many.  Obviously it is a significant event linked to a specific time, but What does it mean?  Who does it affect? And when will it occur?  

Know Your Enemy   Do you know who your adversaries are?   Do you know who is controlling them?   Will you be prepared for the lies and deception to come?   Be warned!


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Lost Ten Tribes

Is the identity of the lost ten tribes of Israel relevant?  See our article Children of the Promises 

Do you know

the difference between the law and a covenant?  Or the difference between commandments, statutes and judgments?  If not make sure you read see our Bible Study on God's Law   

Have You Considered

Jesus Christ said that no one has seen or heard his Father.  So who spoke to Abraham, Moses, Isaac and Jacob?  To find out make sure you read our article - Who Spoke.

Do you know who the two witnesses will be?   See our article -  The Two Witnesses.

Will you be part of the bride of Christ? - See our article - Bride of Christ.

Points to Ponder

When we take of the wine and bread in rembrance of Christ's sacrifice are we observing Passover, or the Lord's Supper?  Is there a diference between the two?  If so - what is that diference?

Be sure to read our article on 'The Truth About Passover'

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