Thank God!

As loving children of our Heavenly Father we long to be close to Him, to commune with Him on a regular basis and get to know Him better – how He thinks and acts, what He IS.  As we do this in our daily prayer we learn to adore and worship Him, and we express much of that adoration and love in gratitude.

We thank Him for our daily bread – for a roof over our heads, a job if we work outside the home, income from whatever source He provides, health, all the physical blessings that make up our daily routine.  Sometimes we may have obtained a new car, or appliance, or have been able to enjoy a trip overseas – all part of the many blessings our Father pours out on us.

We are grateful for our loved ones, family, husband or wife, friends and brethren.  What a blessing to be able to meet with brethren, to have interaction with people of like mind and Christian love.

We look at the wonder and beauty of the creation and thank Him for giving us such beautiful surroundings to enjoy, to learn to appreciate Him by the detail in a flower or the wonder of the starry night sky.

We recognise how much He protects us and keeps us safe, so often when we are actually unaware of it happening.  Just getting through each day without harm or mishap is a blessing we thank Him for.  And if something untoward has happened we can always see how it could have been much worse and thank Him for that too. So many physical blessings that can take hours to enumerate!

We are overwhelmed by His love for us when we recognise how much He has blessed us by calling us to His truth, by opening our eyes to His purpose for all mankind, the wonder of Christ’s sacrifice, and the part the Father played in that sacrifice.  How incredible to accept His forgiveness, the reconciliation between self and God, the promise of salvation.  The spiritual blessings are uncountable.

We learn to thank Him for our trials and difficulties as we see His hand in our lives;  teaching, correcting and guiding us and bringing about the fruits of righteousness.

 All these things stem from one simple fact and one perhaps that we do not often thank

God for, may not have even thought about very much.  We know it, we praise Him for it, but do we express gratitude for it as such?

Thank God that He is GOOD!


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