That’s Not Funny!

Marriage is a sacred and blessed institution, where one man and one woman commit to each other in love for the rest of their lives.  Together they create a home, raise a family, and grow to love each other more deeply as time goes by.  They nurture and comfort each, through the bad times and the good, in sickness and health, remembering the vows they made. They trust each other and are faithful in every way. All being well, they grow old together and die peacefully in God’s good time.

That is the ideal.  Sadly it is rarely achieved.

The act of love in marriage should be a time that brings a loving husband and wife closer to each other, and will feed and nourish that relationship.

Today we are surrounded by sex in every sort of perversion and abomination.  It is in our face at every turn.  Sex crimes are continually on the increase, rape, abuse, assault and violations – against women, against men, against children. Homosexuality has achieved a status and acceptance that would stagger Sodom and Gomorrah.  Pornography is everywhere: advertising, films, books, television. Paedophilia and incest are still taboo for the most part but many billions of dollars are made from the appalling abuse of children and young adults for the perverted gratification of many wretched souls.  Behind closed curtains, lives are wrenched apart by the vile desecration of a most precious gift bestowed on us by our loving Father.  Satan is the author of all perversions.

The only sexual act that is permitted is between a man and woman committed to each other;  it is private, personal, and solely between the two concerned.   Sex in any form should never be portrayed for others to see.  Frankly, it is voyeurism, plain and simple.

Marriage in its human form is a mere shadow, a type, of the relationship that the Church and Christ will share in intimacy, love and mutual respect and adoration.  The Father and Son already enjoy such a deep and special relationship.

As Christians we should be able to say that our lives are pure. We have left old sins and ways behind, and are committed to our mates and long for the day when God’s kingdom will be here, and that relationship, foreshadowed in marriage, is a reality.

We all enjoy a good laugh.  Laughter is said to be the best medicine.  To be happy and smiling, to share a joke with a few friends, to make others laugh, is a pleasure. But what is the nature of the joke?  Do we laugh at off-colour jokes, double entendre, crude sexual references?   Have we grown up from this sort of infantile school-yard humour or do we revel in it and pass it round?  Have we, in fact, got a dirty mind?  How do people see us – as someone who has respect for values, or someone who has low standards?  Would Christ appreciate our sense of humour?    

Do we realise that when we tell or listen to dirty jokes or snigger at tasteless cartoons that we are actually mocking and belittling that precious relationship that we will one day enjoy with our loving Father and His Son?  By watching sexual behaviour on the screen, reading about it in books, sullying our conversations, we are despoiling the very goal we are striving to achieve – eternal precious and Godly love in the Kingdom.

Have a good laugh – but know when to say “that’s not funny”! 


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