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Abolishing the Law  Many preach that Christ abolished the law.  They say He took the commandments and nailed them to the cross.  Consequently the law has no power over us  anymore.   They say that Christ has achieved God’s purpose by bringing us to God through the cross without having to keep the law.  But what does the Bible say?

A Hard Saying  Do you know what it means to live in Christ and for Him to live in you?  Many did not understand in Christ's time and turned away because of it.

A Living City  Abraham was promised that his family would be blessed. And much has been written about those blessings.  But Abraham could see the bigger picture.  He knew it wasn’t just about his family.  He looked forward to what God had promised for all families including yours!

All In Good Time  Every day we see and hear examples of man’s inhumanity to man. Every day we sigh and cry for the sorrows of the world, and pray more fervently “Thy kingdom come”. Every day we ask “how long, O Lord, how long?”. We desperately want to make a difference – but how, when? 

A Lesson from Gideon  How could a small band of only three hundred completely rout an army of many thousands?  It seems impossible, but it did happen.  The battle was recorded in the pages of the Bible as a lesson for us today.  What is this lesson and how does it apply to us?

Ambassadors for Christ  God has a plan of salvation.  He is going to save humanity from the spiritual captivity we have experienced for the last six thousand years.  If you have been called to Christ then you have an important role to play in that plan.  You need to know about that role and what is expected of you.

An End to Enmity  Why is there so much hatred in this world?   This negative emotion eats away like cancer causing resentment, animosity and hostility often leading to violence, murder or even war.  Where does it come from?  Will we ever be able to rid ourselves of this powerfully destructive emotion? 

A Serious Warning  The Book of Revelation is a written testimony concerning things that will come to pass at the end of this age.  Christ endorsed what John wrote as a true and faithful record and warned that anyone trying to ‘add’ to, or ‘take away’ from His testimony would face serious consequences. 

A Tale of Two Cities  Jerusalem and Babylon were two contemporary cities in the ancient world.   Both are mentioned in the Book of Revelation as having modern counterparts – Babylon the Great and New Jerusalem.  What do these cities represent?  And how do these things impact on your life? 

Be You Perfect - even as your Father in heaven is perfect (Matt 5:48).  This is an instruction all Christians are striving to achieve. How can we even get close to the perfection that is God?  

Bride of Christ Who is the Bride of Christ?  Is it the New Testament Church?  Israel Restored?  Or those redeemed from all ages of this earth?     

Building on the Foundation Many believe that the third temple will be built in Jerusalem before the Messiah appears at the end of this age.  During his famous 'Sermon on the Mount' Jesus Christ indicated what the new temple will be like.  It may not be what many expect.  Find out how it will affect you!

Burning Our Incense Before God  God required incense to be burnt ceremonially on an altar before the mercy seat in the Tabernacle.  It was to be burnt day and night for all of Israel's generations.  Does this have any implications for Christians today?

By the Skin of Your Teeth Hanging on by the skin of your teeth?  Not sure if you’ll make it after all these years?  You are not alone! 

Catching the Vision  Abraham sought a city built by God, Ezekiel was shown a vision of a future city and John saw, also in a vision, the New Jerusalem descending from Heaven.  Three men, three cities!  Is it possible these three cities were one and the same? 

Chief Cornerstone Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem as prophesied to be pronounced king and he brought salvation to the world as promised.  He is returning at the end of this age to rule this world and redeem mankind under a new and better covenant.  What has become of the old covenant?  Who will be His bride? 

Children of the Promises  Did God fulfil His promises to ancient Israel? Where are the tribes of Israel and what is their relevance (if any) to prophecy today?  What is the true meaning of the 'Ezekiel warning' and what was 'Jeremiah's commission'?  Who, and what, is to be restored? Who are the Children of the Promises?  You may be surprised by the answers to these questions!  [This study paper is over 86 pages long].

Church Doctrine - The Role of the Apostles  What is an Apostle?  What was the role of an Apostle in the early Church?  Does that role have any relevance for us today?  Does it have anything to do with our salvation? 

Coming Out of the Shadows Jesus Christ provided the means for mankind to escape the condemnation that hangs over this world.  He made it possible for each of us to come out from the darkness of the shadow of death into the light of God's glorious Kingdom. 

Commanded to Love  Yes we are commanded to love one another – so let us stop turning on each other and begin to follow this essential command.

Counting to Pentecost 2021  Pentecost is the one Feast day that does not occur on a fixed date.  Many Churches of God will keep Pentecost on 16 May in 2021, but some will be keeping it on 23 May.  Why the difference?  Which date is correct? 

Coveting - the Hidden Sin The law that forbids coveting is perhaps the least understood of the Ten Commandments.  Most of us accept that the word ‘covet’ means an inordinate desire for something that is not ours.  Indeed this meaning is correct but falls woefully short in revealing the full impact of this sin that has invaded the lives of so many. 

Cursed is the Ground  “Cursed is the ground for your sake” – words spoken six thousand years ago – do they have any significance for us today?  Is there any connection between the environmental problems of this age and the curse mentioned in Genesis 3:17?  

Every Thought  When we came out of this world we made changes to our lives.  We made many behavioural changes as we came to associate with other believers.  But have we gone deeper than that?  Have we dealt with the innermost thought processes and imaginations of our minds?  Changing the innermost working of the mind is perhaps the greatest challenge we all face.

Every Word of God Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  A classic Bible passage often quoted but seldom applied!  What is the word of God?  How does one live by it?  And why is it important to do so?  If we are to live by every word then it is important to know what those words are.  

Evidence of Faith The Bible defines faith as evidence of 'things not seen'. To some the concept of faith is just as intangible as “things not seen”.  So how can faith be credible evidence? 

Ezekiel's Message  Was Ezekiel's message a warning for the House of Israel in his time, or is it an end-time message for the descendants of ancient Israel?  What does your Bible say?

Examine Yourself   Have you examined yourself lately?  It is important that we do especially as we prepare to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  We do not want to appear before God in an unworthy manner.  Best to judge ourselves than to be judged.

Fellow Workers With God   Being fellow workers with God implies working with Him to achieve a specific outcome. That outcome is a temple that will never be destroyed.

Fitly Framed Together   God is an architect who knows exactly what materials are required and the processes necessary to prepare us to be fitly framed together in the temple he is building.  

Filling All in All    What did Paul mean when he referred to Christ as ‘him who fills all in all’?   Who is to be filled with what?   And how is it to be done?

For His Names Sake Personal thoughts on prayer, fasting and faith from a sister in Christ.  Reading God’s Word aligns us with what He wants to do in our lives.

Forgive and be Forgiven  If you are not prepared to forgive others, will God forgive you?  What does the Bible teach?

From Jericho to Pentecost  From the Bible we trace Christ's journey from Jericho to Jerusalem where He spent his final days and examine the events that occurred during those days and the seven weeks that followed up until the Day of Pentecost.   What God accomplished during that time impacts greatly on all humanity.  This is a 'must read' prior to celebrating the Lord's Supper

Getting to Grips with Grace  Do you really understand what God’s grace is and why we need it?  Do you know what it means to be under the law and what role the law plays when we are under grace? 

God's Glory What do you know about the glory of God?  Do you know what the glory of God actually is, how to partake of that glory and how to give God the glory to which He is entitled? 

God's Righteousness God does not need the law - He is righteous without it.  His righteousness is an attribute that sets the standard for human behavior. 

God's Unfailing Promises Why is a righteous life cut short?  How can persecution and martyrdom of the righteous occur when God has promised protection, good health and prosperity?  Why do we suffer financial problems, sickness and grief when the Bible says that it is the unrighteous who will suffer? 

God's Will  Many Christians recite the Lord’s Prayer.  They ask that God’s, “…will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”.  But do they understand what they are asking for?  Do they really know God’s will and how it impacts on their lives?  A lot of people are confused about God’s will.  It is a complete mystery to many.  There should be no confusion!  It is not a mystery! God has made His will known!  The accomplishment of His will is something to get excited about!

Go For It! We all have dreams of who we want be.  Where we want to go and what we want do.  But how many   actually accomplish those dreams?  How many end up with the fame and fortune they hoped for?  It’s easy to live in a dream world, but not so easy in the real world. 

Good News  What is your idea of paradise?  Do you think of a place that abounds in riches, overflows with love, joy and happiness and everlasting contentment?  Perhaps somewhere without fear, sickness, suffering or sorrow, with no pain, no hatred, grief, war, death or destruction?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a place like that did exist? 

Greater than Man  We humans have an intellect that makes us greater than any other form of life on this planet.  Our brains have the ability to think, reason and achieve things far beyond the capabilities of our fellow creatures.  But are we the ultimate in intellectual ability, or is there some-one greater than man? 

Greater Works Than These  Jesus Christ wanted followers to understand the concept of the Father living in and working through Him, because the same spiritual empowerment was to be made available to them to do greater works. 

Grow Your Faith  Most of us require proof before we believe anything. We are sceptics by nature.  Disbelief comes easy in this modern society where truth is so often obscured by smoke and mirrors, lies and deception.  So it seems completely contrary to our nature when we ‘dyed in the wool’ sceptics are so ready to believe and trust in a God whom we have neither seen, nor heard.  Where did we get the faith to do this?   

Growing Up  When most of us were called we were mere ‘babes in Christ’.  God expected us not only to ‘grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’ but also to come to ‘the fullness of the stature of Christ’.  Have we reached the fullness of his stature, or are we still ‘babes in Christ’?

Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength  We are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  The fact that we are commanded to love Him indicates the importance of love to God.  Obviously by this command He demands more than merely liking, or having a warm feeling of affection toward Him, but just how much more and why?

He Whom We Serve  We have been called into royal service.  To serve a King who is above all kings!  Never has there been a King, or conqueror like him.  He is coming with great power to defeat all the nations on this earth and will rule over them.  It is he whom we now serve! 

In the Image of God  God’s law is more than a set of rules.  It foreshadows good things to come.  Things we cannot even begin to imagine!

Israel Restored  Ever since going into captivity the people of Israel have looked forward to a time of restoration - but they did not know when it would take place.  It was not until after Christ had died and His disciples had received the Spirit He had promised to them, that they understood who the true Israelites are and to what Kingdom they will be restored.  

Israel, O Israel   What was Israel’s role?  Is modern Israel the prophesied re-gathering?  Will they be under the New Covenant or the Old in the Millennium?  Did the Church replace Israel?  Is there such a thing as spiritual Israel? 

Jacob's Adversaries You may be surprised to learn that an ancient curse and an equally ancient rivalry have provided the basis for many prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled.  Who are Jacob's adversaries?  How will the curse and these prophecies impact on your life?

Jacob's Trouble  The term 'Jacob's Trouble occurs only once in the entire Bible.  It was used in a prophecy by Jeremiah thousands of years ago.  It is a term that is often used out of context and has confused many.  Obviously it is a significant event linked to a specific time, but What does it mean?  Who does it affect? And when will it occur?    

Jeremiah Prophet for Today  Over two and a half thousand years ago Jeremiah prophesied that Babylon would fall and it became a deserted wilderness.  But the book of Revelation says that Babylon will fall at the end of this age.  So who, or what, is this latter day Babylon?  And how will its fall affect you?   

Jubilee of All Jubilees  When we break God's law we become slaves to sin and the consequence are unavoidable.  The Bible says that all have sinned therefore all of humanity are slaves to sin.  Our spiritual captivity prevents us from receiving our inheritance - eternal life.  Fortunately God has a plan to redeem us from the yoke of slavery.

Knowing God The Apostle John said that we will be like God when we are resurrected.  We know that we will be spirit beings but in what other ways will we be similar? If we are to be like God then it is important we understand just what He is like.  That begs the question - how well do we know our God?

Know Your Enemy   Do you know who your adversaries are?   Do you know who is controlling them?   Will you be prepared for Hhe lies and deception to come?   Be warned!

Laying the Foundation Discover what is revealed in the visions, prophecies and pronouncements of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.  What has the laying of the foundation of an ancient building to do with your future? [This study paper is over 57 pages long].

Last Trump  The return of Jesus Christ is a subject that has fascinated many Christians.   Some have tried to predict when it will occur and in what manner He will return.  But how many have it right?

Lessons from Lazarus  Millions, if not billions, have never known the true God or His son Jesus Christ.  Clearly they have not been 'saved'.  But are they 'lost'?  What is their fate?

Love is All You Need What did Christ mean when He said He had come to fulfil the law?

Make Your Calling and Election Sure!   All things are provided to ensure your salvation.  The Apostle Peter said that God has provided everything you need to make your calling and election sure.  If you do these things you shall never fall.

Marred More Than Any Man An appropriate subject for Passover. The astonishment Christ's followers experienced when they saw His marred visage and body at the time He was crucified is only a shadow of the astonishment the world will experience when the truth of Isaiah’s prophecy is revealed in its fullness.  

Messenger of the Covenant  He came to them with a message.  They refused to listen and killed the messenger!  The enormity of what they had done was not realised until much later when their city was put under siege and destroyed.  According to one eye witness around 1,100,000 people died in the slaughter.

Offending and Forgiving Why do we cause offence?  Why do we take offence?  How do offences affect relationships and what can we do about them?

On Trial Imagine being on trial.  You know you are guilty as accused! And that a death sentence is inevitable! The judge demands you account for your actions.  How would you react?  Would you deny, or confess your guilt?  Most hope that they will never experience such a situation.  But the Bible says otherwise.  It says we are guilty and will face judgment! 

Our Approach to Prophecy  Would you build a house without planning permission?  Would you use second-hand materials?  Would you proceed without plans, or design specifications?  What about a foundation? Would you simply lay bricks directly on the ground and cement layer upon layer of bricks without checking that the walls are plumb, corners squared or floors level?  Your house would not stand the test of time, nor would your reputation as a builder.  So why use this approach when building an understanding of prophecy?

Our Calling  Are we called because we are special or more worthy than others?  No!  In fact the opposite is true. 

Reach for the Stars  As we see the proud, majestic eagle soar ever upwards, strong wings beating against the thermals and currents to land on a mountain crag high above the ground, as we look at the lofty pines covering that mountainside, we feel a touch of the mightiness of God.

Reach Out   Have you ever felt that others have cast you aside?  Have you ever been dismayed at what has been said to you or about you?  Are there not times when you hurt so much you want nothing more than for God to take you by the hand and lead you through your troubles? 

Rejoicing in the Days of Unleavened Bread Examining ourselves in the lead up to the festive season with the purpose of identifying sin and putting it out of our lives, can be a painful time with many tears of repentance, but it should also be a time of rejoicing.

Riders in the Sky Two white horses, two agendas, will you be deceived?  And what do those four horsemen of Revelation really represent?

Sermon to the Saints Paul delivered a sermon to remind the saints of their calling, the role Christ has played in their salvation and the incredible future that God has in store for them. 

Shadow of Things to Come  Ancient Israel had a way of life that set it apart from other nations.  Its culture foreshadowed the future revealing God's plan of salvation.  The material blessing promised to Abraham's descendants was a mere shadow of the spiritual blessing that is to benefit all of mankind.

Sorrow No More  Why is there so much sorrow and pain in this world?  And why is life such a disappointing misery for so many?  The answers to these questions can be found in the very first book of the Bible. 

Spiritual Gifts and Fruit  Are 'spiritual gifts' and 'fruit of the spirit' the same?  What is their purpose?  How do they affect you? 

Substance of the Shadows Jesus Christ is the substance of the spiritual promise made to Abraham over four thousand years ago.  He will return to implement the plan of salvation that God revealed through the unique culture of ancient Israel.

Tents of Shem  Over four thousand and three hundred years ago Noah made a prediction that is taking place right now!

Thank God!  As loving children of our Heavenly Father we long to be close to Him, to commune with Him on a regular basis and get to know Him better – how He thinks and acts, what He IS.  As we do this in our daily prayer we learn to adore and worship Him, and we express much of that adoration and love in gratitude.

That's not Funny! We all enjoy a good laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine, but there are some things that are just not funny.

The Apple of His Eye Do you understand just how much our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, truly love us – and to show that we must build that understanding into the foundations of our Christian walk.  

The Creation Groans  A well-known and internationally-famous naturalist once said that he didn’t believe in God as there is too much cruelty in nature. Then I began to think about what he said.  Would a loving, merciful and caring God create any creature with such innate cruelty? I had to say no.  Then how did this come about?

The Kingdom   Jesus often spoke in parables about a Kingdom.  Was He referring to a real Kingdom, or were these merely stories to keep His audience amused?   

The Magnificent Menorah The Menorah was a magnificent golden lamp stand that provided light in the ancient Hebrew Tabernacle.  For millennia it has been used as an emblem for Israel.  It features on the national seal of the modern state of Israel, on Israel’s Presidential standard and on the flag of the Mossad.This emblem of Israel is incredibly rich in symbolism of which not many are aware.  Nor do they realise the significance of that symbolism for us today.               

The Plan  Who can tell us why are we here?  What is the purpose of life?  Why is that purpose a mystery and where do we look for the answers that elude so many?    

The Sacrifice While on earth was Christ's sacrifice merely giving up His physical life albeit in a cruel and torturous way? Were His earnest tears and prayers solely for courage to bear a terrible physical death?  What was the Father’s role?  What was the price Christ – and His Father - paid so that we could attain eternal life?

The Truth About Matthew 18  What should we do when someone offends us?  Many point to the instruction in Matthew 18 and advise that we go to our brother, or sister to resolve the issue directly.  Others say we should just forgive them.  Matthew 18 mentions both options - so which one should we use.  To find the answer we need to look at what Matthew wrote in context.

The Truth About Passover  Is the Lord’s Supper the same as Passover?  Was Christ restoring the Passover to its correct date, or was He introducing an entirely new ceremony for His followers?  These questions have been debated in religious circles for centuries without agreement.  How can you be sure that you have the truth?   What does your Bible say?

The Two Witnesses Who are the two witnesses of Revelation 11?  When will they come?  Will you know them?  Or will you be deceived?

The Will of God  Do you know what God will for you and why Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so it could be accomplished?

Thy Kingdom Come  After Christ was resurrected He was asked if He would restore the Kingdom to Israel at that time.  The disciples were not asking when Israel was to be restored, but when the Kingdom was to be restored.  They wanted to know when the Kingdom of God would be restored to Israel.

Time to Change   Although the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly is magnificent to behold, it is not as spectacular as the changes God has planned for you.  

Watch and be Ready  Christ said He would return.  He warned us to watch and be ready.  We won’t know the exact hour.  But we will be able to determine when the time is nigh.  Have you been watching?  Have you been preparing?  Are you ready for His return?

Where is Your Horse  The Bible gives us many instructions of things to do, change, think and become in our quest for salvation, to be transformed and become like Christ.

Who Spoke  We know that God the Father spoke in New Testament times to confirm Christ’s authority.  But was He also the one who spoke in Old Testament times? 

Why Faith Faith is the key to salvation!   Salvation cannot be bought - nor can it be earned.  It comes by faith.  Why are we saved by faith and not works?

Why I Don't Do Xmas  Ten good reasons why we don't keep Christmas

Will He Find Faith?  When Christ returns to this earth - will He find faith?

Will the Dead Live Again? Will the grave give up its dead like the Bible says?  Will those who died thousands of years ago live again?  How will they be raised?  Resurrection is no mystery for those who are prepared to search the Bible for answers.                       

Woe is Us!  Woe is a three letter word that packs a powerful punch.  Used more than a hundred times in the Bible it is not a word to ignore!  Woe conveys some very strong emotions that range from the utter grief and despair to vehement anger.  It expresses the grief and despair felt about the wretched conditions suffered by humanity and expresses anger toward its cause and the perpetrator of such misery and sorrow.   

Your Inheritance   Would you believe me if I said that there is an inheritance waiting for you?  One that surpasses anything you can imagine.  Who died that you might receive this inheritance? 

Guest Writers

The White Horse Rider - He Rides - by our guest writer Jim Patterson  (Shepherd's Voice Magazine) The Disciples of Christ asked a lot of questions of Him as they were looking for answers, and specifically about His coming reign and the end of the age.   Even after His resurrection, they wanted to know if He was about to restore the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6). This writer cannot help but empathize with them on this. If He was walking the earth today on a casual visit in human form, many perhaps would ask him a lot of specific questions along the same lines.

The Spirit of Truth and Light vs. the Knowledge of Evil by our Guest writer Jim Patterson (Shepherd's Voice Magazine). Our adversary the devil is tempting the Church to forsake its calling.  He is using an old tactic used from the beginning with Adam and Eve and he is using it again to give us a false sense of wisdom with the knowledge of evil.  Help protect yourself and the people you love by reading what follows in these pages.

Kingdom Misconceptions  - by our Guest writer Jim Patterson (Shepherd's Voice Magazine).  Since the time of Jesus Christ, mankind has held various misconceptions of the Kingdom of God. Our own ideas of government and organizations that are born out of worldly experience can lead us to conceive God’s Kingdom is a glorious ideal of the same form. This article brings us to the conclusion that there is a fundamental  difference between the Kingdom of God, and all that we can conceive of or experience in any man-made organizational structure.

God's Strength is Sufficient for Us... Even When We Think We are at Our Weakest by our guest writer Constance, USA.   Brethren, we are so scattered now and separated from others that it is very difficult for most of us to meet with others on the Sabbath or to have any kind of fellowship with our Christian friends, the kind of fellowship most of us enjoyed when we attended the large groups in the former days.

Love Letters  by guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.    I’ve come to tell you a story. It’s my testimonial, if you will. It’s a love story. It’s my story and it’s about the hope that lies within me that I’ve come to share with you.

Not So Common Senses  by guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.   The use of the five senses in our worship.

The Books and Literature An Essay by guest writer Art F Verschoor, Hawkes Bay NZ. An essay by guest writer Art F. Verschoor    The Bible's influence on the development of Western literature is impossible to ignore. 

The Gospel According to the Angels  by  guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.   If anyone, apart from God, would know what that Gospel - the good news - is, it would be the angels.  Their credentials are impressive after all. 

The Image of Gold and the Fiery Furnace by our guest writer Constance, USA  A lesson that illustrates our choice to either worship God, or bow down to the gods of this world.

The Missing Ingredients  An article by guest writer Ted J Saunders, Renton, Washington, USA.    Could love and mercy be essential ingredients together in God’s plan of grace?

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