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The White Horse Rider - He Rides - by our guest writter Jim Patterson  (Shepherd's Voice Magazine) The Disciples of Christ asked a lot of questions of Him as they were looking for answers, and specifically about His coming reign and the end of the age.   Even after His resurrection, they wanted to know if He was about to restore the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6). This writer cannot help but empathize with them on this. If He was walking the earth today on a casual visit in human form, many perhaps would ask him a lot of specific questions along the same lines.

The Spirit of Truth and Light vs. the Knowledge of Evil -  by our Guest writer Jim Patterson (Shepherd's Voice Magazine). Our adversary the devil is tempting the Church to forsake its calling.  He is using an old tactic used from the beginning with Adam and Eve and he is using it again to give us a false sense of wisdom with the knowledge of evil.  Help protect yourself and the people you love by reading what follows in these pages.

Kingdom Misconceptions by our Guest writer Jim Patterson (Shepherd's Voice Magazine).  Since the time of Jesus Christ, mankind has held various misconceptions of the Kingdom of God. Our own ideas of government and organizations that are born out of worldly experience can lead us to conceive God’s Kingdom is a glorious ideal of the same form. This article brings us to the conclusion that there is a fundamental  difference between the Kingdom of God, and all that we can conceive of or experience in any man-made organizational structure.

For His Names Sake: Personal thoughts on prayer, fasting and faith from a sister in Christ.Reading God’s Word aligns me with what He wants to do in my life. 

The Missing Ingredients   by guest writer Ted J Saunders, Renton, Washington, USA. Could love and mercy be essential ingredients together in God’s plan of grace?

Love Letters   by guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.  I’ve come to tell you a story. It’s my testimonial, if you will. It’s a love story. It’s my story and it’s about the hope that lies within me that I’ve come to share with you.

The Gospel According to the Angels  by  guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.   If anyone, apart from God, would know what that Gospel - the good news - is, it would be the angels.  Their credentials are impressive after all. 

Not So Common Senses  by  guest writer Tina Siposs, Australia.  The use of the five senses in our worship.

The Books and Literature   by guest writer Art F Verschoor, Hawkes Bay NZ.   The Bible's influence on the development of Western literature is impossible to ignore.

God's Strength is Sufficient for Us by Guest writer Constance  Belanger, USA.

The Image of Gold and the Fiery Furnace     by Guest writer Constance  Belanger, USA



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